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Please click here to verify your status before you renew your certification 

(Please note some credentials are renewed on an annual basis)

You do not need to submit verification of continuing education when you renew. 

NHCWA has the right to audit credentials, verify continuing education and employment at anytime. Providing false information will invalidate my credentials and may be a cause of action under the rules and regulations of NHCWA.

If you did not recertify on or before your expiration do not fill out this form. Please proceed to the reinstatement page

It’s important for healthcare professionals to demonstrate proficiency and competency throughout their career. Each healthcare worker certified through NHCWA must be re-certified every two years to ensure that their knowledge of their field is current and sharp.

You may submit a renewal application any time within two (2) years of the expiration date of your certification, if by the time your certificate expires you will have completed the following:

•You have previously maintained have provided your skills or allied health-related services in a facility to residents for compensation (under the supervision of a licensed health professional) within your most recent certification period.

•You provided patient care or patient care-related services to residents in a facility for compensation (under the supervision of a licensed health professional) within your most recent certification period.

•You have successfully completed eight (8) hours of in-service/CE hours. (At least four (4) of the eight (8) hours of in-service/CE hours shall be completed each year.)

NHCWA Certification Renewal Policy Terms and Conditions

Individuals who become certified with NHCWA must renew their certification every two years (effective January 1, 2009). NHCWA certifications will be valid for two years from the date the candidate is certified. The certification must be renewed thereafter. You can renew certifications by passing the most current renewal exam or by participating in NHCWA’s new continuing education program.

National Healthcare Workers Association C.E.U’s are free and must be completed when you renew your certification.

Participants can keep their skills current and their certification up to date without the need for retesting. **All skills competency reviews must be hands-on. No online skills practice can be applied towards CEU’s for certification or recertification. Skills can also be done through your employer, you can download the work verification form and skills verification form to be completed by your direct supervisor.

Effective June 18, 2021  you will be able to verify and print your active certification status. NHCWA will no longer mail your certification or certificate. This means you will no longer need to wait for your certification through the mail and you can easily print status of your certification as many times as you need.

How to request a printed copy of my certification renewal certificate

Prior to submitting your request, please make sure that your address is listed correctly on your member portal account


The fee is $25 and is non-refundable. After completing the steps on the duplicate certification page, paper certificates are printed the next business day and mailed to the address listed on your account, pending any holds on your account. Please allow up to 14 business day to receive in the mail. Click Here to order a hard copy of your certification

·       Allied Healthcareer Clinical Skills Assessment Examination™(AHCSAE™)$295

·       Clinicalskillscertification™(CSC™)$190

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Technician ™  (NCMSHCT™)$695

·       Nationally Certified Operating Room & Surgical Technician ™ (NCORST™)$595

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant™ (NCMSMA™)$465

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Phlebotomy Technician™ (NCMSPT™)$195

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Patient Care Technician ™ (NCMSPCT ™)$465

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Pharmacy Technician ™ (NCMSPRT ™)$295

·       Healthcare Workers Certification Bridge Program ™ (HWCBP™)$695

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Emergency Room Tech ™ (NCMSERT™)$315

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Healthcare Instructor  ™  (NCMSHI™)$795

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Personal  Fitness & Nutrition Specialist™ (NCMSPFNS™)$295

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled  EKG Technician™ (NCMSET™)$195

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled  Medical Billing & Coding Specialist ™ (NCMSBCS™ )$195

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled  Medical Laboratory Assistant ™ (NCMSMLA) ™$195

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled  Insurance Exam Technician™ (NCMSIET™)$295

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Medical Administrative Assistant ™ (NCMSMAA™)$295

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Instrument & Sterile Processing Technician ™ (NCMSISPT™)$295

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled IV Tech ™ (NCMSIT™)$795

·       Nationally Certified Multi-Skilled Dental Assistant™ (NCMSDA™)$315

·       Nationally Certified Clinical and Administrative Medical Patient Care Technician™ (NCCAMPCT™) $215 (1 Certification only)

·       Nationally Certified Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant $215 (1 Certification only)

·       Certification by reciprocity $399

·       Reinstatement $200

·       Hard Copy or Duplicate Certification $25

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